Interactive Advent Calendar with Activities for School or Homeschooling (non-editable)


An interactive advent calendar will give you some activities to do with your children every day.

Some activities are more independent, and some require parent assistance.

Guide the child and have fun! 🤗

You can use this in your classroom to establish daily surprise activities or open the advent calendar with your child at home.

For single classroom use only – purchasing a material gives you one classroom license.

Scroll down the page to see a video of the digital material in action. 👇


This material is an online digital material that cannot be edited and it comes in form of a link. You will not be able to download it and if you do, it will just be an unknown file. You can download only ppt and pdf files.

To get the link go to MY ACCOUNT- ORDERS and click on the VIEW ORDER button. In this window called ORDER DETAILS, you will see a link attached as a note!


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