Free the Zoo Animals: STEM Activity + Number Play


Cut out all the cards and laminate them. Collect recyclables that could be used to build a zoo.

Give the cards to the children one by one, so that they can focus on one habitat at a time.

Discuss all the things this specific animal needs, and share everything you know about this animal – from its natural habitat to eating habits.

To make it more interesting, you can hide the cards and have the children look for them while you give hints.

Don’t forget to play some jungle music in the background!

P.S. If the children are more mature, discuss the dangers of zoos and the bad side of any zoo.

If you don’t have an animal toy, you can simply put the flaschard inside the cage.

Have fun with numbers, naming animals, and creating your zoo! Don’t forget to FREE the animals after you finish!

For single classroom use only – downloading a material gives you one classroom license.


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