💻🎃Interactive Lesson Plan – Halloween Storytelling + STEAM – Scary Things by Rod Campbell (pre-k and 1st grade)


Full Lesson Plan – Storytelling – Scary Things by Rod Campbell (pre-k and 1st grade)

Made for non-native English speakers, 1st grade of Elementary school.

It can also be used in pre-k with native English speakers.

The lesson plan is research-based, following the Theme-Based Instruction and the innovative CLIL methodology.

The plan in the PowerPoint is the same as the plan in the pdf, except this one does not contain the curriculum core alignment and objectives.

The instructional delivery consists of the following segments:

  1. Warm-up;
  2. Presentation;
  3. Practice;
  4. Application;
  5. Assessment;
  6. Follow-up.

Some of the activities include: 

  • Practicing sounds;
  • Learning about animal habitats from the book;
  • Edible STEAM project;
  • Pre-listening tasks;
  • Graph;
  • Singing;
  • Dramatization and much more…

In absence of ”Scary things”, you can also purchase ”Creepy things” and use that book, since the topic is similar.

For single classroom use only – purchasing a material gives you one classroom license.


This material is an online digital material that cannot be edited and it comes in form of a link. You will not be able to download it and if you do, it will just be an unknown file. You can download only ppt and pdf files.

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