Renewable Energy Resources 1: Listening, Brainstorming, Sorting Energy Resources

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With this material you will:

  1. Brainstorm where does our power comes from?;
  2. Listen to the audio and discover what were the most used energy resources in 2019;
  3. Watch a video to check the answers;
  4. Explore an interactive graph;
  5. Sort the energy resources into 2 groups (renewable and non-renewable)


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Renewable Energy Resources and Designing an Eco-house With a Class from India 🌎

2 reviews for Renewable Energy Resources 1: Listening, Brainstorming, Sorting Energy Resources

  1. Mihaela Vatavu

    Thank you so much! Extremely useful resources!

    • Alice Glass

      Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂

  2. leecheryl163

    Thank you so much.As a special needs educator without a budget I appreciate all the resources that helps me with teaching and learning.

    • Alice Glass

      Hello! I am glad it helps!
      I don’t have any specific special needs materials, but I will start adding some slowly in the future.
      Keep coming back because I will be adding many more free materials, and almost all of them will become free since Alice in Methodologyland is now registered as a non-profit 🙂

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