🦄Let’s be Unicorns! Double lesson!


Suitable for individual and group lessons.

Suitable for face-to-face lessons and distance learning.

In this interactive unicorn lesson material, you will do many things!

Lesson 1:

  1. Learn about unicorn body parts;
  2. Review unicorn body parts;
  3. Learn some new vocabulary and do a word search to be able to describe the personality of a unicorn;
  4. Do a grammar practice in an interactive video from Despicable me, the fluffy unicorn scene + The questions include present continuous and simple past questions and statements;
  5. Read some unicorn facts and discuss them!

Lesson 2:

  1. Debate: Are unicorns real?
  2. Photo description;
  3. Finish some sentences creatively;Unicorns can…
    Unicorns like…
    Unicorns eat…
    I know………About unicorns.
    I love………about unicorns.
  4. Brainstorm where do unicorns live;
  5. Pre-listening tasks for storytelling: You Don’t Want a Unicorn by the author Ame Dyckman and illustrator Liz Climo;
  6. Watch a storytelling video on YouTube;
  7. Answer to some discussion and comprehension questions after the video.

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