💻What is Friendship? Interactive Lesson Material

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Suitable for individual and group lessons.

Suitable for face-to-face lessons and distance learning.

In this interactive unicorn lesson material, you will do many things!

  1. What is friendship? Description and a discussion!;
  2. What do you know about your best friend;
  3. How to be a good friend;
  4. How many best friends can you have? A video;
  5. Types of friendships;
  6. Fill in the blanks;
  7. Friendly or not: Read the cards on the next slide. Tell your teacher if the activity is FRIENDLY or NOT.
  8. Making a friendship recipe!

For single classroom use only – downloading a material gives you one classroom license.


This material is an online digital material that cannot be edited and it comes in form of a link. You will not be able to download it and if you do, it will just be an unknown file. You can download only ppt and pdf files.


1 review for 💻What is Friendship? Interactive Lesson Material

  1. María Inés Ivulich

    Great and engaging topic for students. Very well prepared! Thank you!

    • Alice Glass

      Hi, Maria! Thank you for the feedback! I hope you have a great time with your class!

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