💻💭Online Classroom: Basic Communication Flashcards

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The online communication flashcards have 18 large flashcards meant to help you navigate and have better classroom management in distance learning.

These are the words featured in the flashcards:

  1. You are muted;
  2. Look;
  3. Listen;
  4. Circle;
  5. Be silent;
  6. Wait;
  7. Breakout room;
  8. Raise your hand;
  9. Click
  10. Ask
  11. Answer
  12. Write/type
  13. Say
  14. Repeat
  15. Match
  16. Read
  17. Find
  18. Draw

For single classroom use only – downloading a material gives you one classroom license.

1 review for 💻💭Online Classroom: Basic Communication Flashcards

  1. Ann

    These are very useful, especially when you work with young learners. Will certainly use them in my classroom. Thanks, Alice!

    • Alice Glass

      I’m glad you like it!
      I hope it helps you in classroom management!


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