💻🐔Fun on the Animal Farm Interactive Digital Material


With this material you will:

  • Listen, repeat and read the vocabulary related to the animal farm.
  • Look at the photo, move it, read the word, cover the word with the photo, write and come back to check if you wrote the word correctly.
  • Read the comic and tick with green color for correct, or cross with red color for incorrect.
  • Listen to the song twice. During the first listening raise your arms up whenever you hear animals and during the second listening repeat the animal words.
  • Spin the wheel and describe an animal.
  • Complete a have/has got interactive grammar practice.
  • Read the description of the dog and underline has got with blue, and body parts with red.
  • Answer some questions!
  • Draw your farm animal and then describe it. Fill in the blanks.

For single classroom use only – downloading a material gives you one classroom license.

This material was developed by Marija Trošić! She has attended the Genial.ly Gamification Masterclass and has shown immense improvement in digital material design.

My name is Marija Trošić and I have been a primary English teacher for thirteen years now in a state school  Branko Radičevic, situated in the village Razbojna, forty kilometers far from my hometown Kruševac.
I teach both lower and upper primaries. Also, I have taught young learners and adults in language centers in Kruševac as well as prepared professional soldiers for the STANAG exam.
As a highly enthusiastic teacher, I have attended a lot of professional development programs such are Teaching English To Young Learners, sponsored by the U.S. Department., ELTA, and TESOL conferences.
My field of interest is classroom materials creation, distance learning, and professional development.


This material is an online digital material that cannot be edited and it comes in form of a link. You will not be able to download it and if you do, it will just be an unknown file. You can download only ppt and pdf files.

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