Hello, my dear, spooky colleagues & parents!
This short post will share some ideas on how you can use the 30+ Page Interactive Halloween Quiet Activity Book activity book in your classroom or home!

Activities in this quiet book include

  1. Matching colors;
  2. Matching geometrical shapes;
  3. Matching sight words & shadows;
  4. Washing Dracula’s teeth;
  5. I spy with my little Halloween eye;
  6. Sorting and counting;
  7. Number puzzle;
  8. Finding missing vowels;
  9. Tracing to practice writing;
  10. Spelling & grouping;
  11. Making witch’s brew;
  12. Drawing emotions;
  13. Matching alphabet – capital and lowercase;
  14. Creative writing!

Explore the full activity book in the video below 👇

Flip through some pages of the book

If you want to see the full book, please watch the video!

What do you think about using this activity book with your class or child at home? Do you have some ideas for new activities I can add in another activity bok? If you do, please write in the comments or contact me via the contact page/messenger button at the bottom right corner!


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